Real World Projects For Azure Data Engineer

The exact projects on which Azure Data Engineers works in their day to day work.

What's Inside?

Project 1: Connect Vehicles
• Understand Problem Statement
• Learn How to Design Data Solution• Develop the architecture diagram• Implement each services End to End

Project 2: AP Morgan Data Platform
• Implement Azure Data Factory data pipelines
• Write business logic in pySpark• Connect Databricks with ADF and SQL Server• Test End to end solution

Who is the Instructor of this Course?

Deepak Goyal

• 14+ Years Experienced IT professional
• Microsoft Certified Trainer
• Microsoft Certified Solution Architect
• Founder of
• Linkedin Celebrity with having 24K+ Followers
• Helped many organization to build Data data platforms

The Full Curriculum

PROJECT 1: SMART VEHICLES• Understand the Vehicle System Use Case
• Create Architect Diagram for Vehicles Data engineering Solution
• Practical Lab: Create S3 bucket in the AWS Account and upload data.
• Practical Lab: Create ADLS Storage account(Landing Folder)
• Practical Lab: Create Azure Data Factory Account For Data pipelines
• Practical Lab: Create Azure Key Vault and Add the secrets
• Practical Lab: Create Pipeline End to end pipeline with triggers enabled
• Practical Lab: Create Azure Function with blob trigger logic
• Azure Function: Update the JSON Format
• Create Azure SQL Server and Database
• Practical Lab: Add another pipeline for moving data from Staging to SQL DB
• End to End Testing
PROJECT 2: AP MORGAN DATA PLATFORM• Project 2: AP Morgan Data Platform Introduction
• Project 2: Architecture Diagram
• Practical Lab: Create Azure Data Lake Storage account and Drop input files
• Practical Lab: Create Azure Databricks Account Workspace
• Practical Lab: Azure SQL Server
• Practical Lab: Connect SQL DB with SSMS and Create MetaData / Schema table
• Practical Lab: Azure Key Vault to keep SQL server password and SAS token Lab
• Practical Lab: Create a secrets scope in Databricks
• Practical Lab: Create Cluster in Azure Databricks
• Practical Lab: Add a notebook in Databricks and Implement the Business Logic
• Practical Lab: Azure Data Factory For AP Morgan
• Practical Lab: Create Azure Databricks Linked Service in ADF
• Practical Lab: Create ADF Pipeline to call Notebook and Test End to End Flow

Course Highlights

  • Real time implementation, no dummy use case.

  • Can be added as part of your resume.

  • Showcase as experience in interviews and discussion.

  • Architecture solution with best practices Included.

  • Single projects involve various component integration like ADF, ADLS, Databricks, Azure SQL DB, Key Vault.

  • Solves the problem of, real-time experience for new Data engineers.

  • Certificate on course completion

  • Lifetime Access

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